Signet Ring

Not everyone gets or has a signet ring, for it is a symbol of the elite and of power, in short, it sets the wearer apart from the common rabble. Basically it can be used as proof of authenticity and as a safety precaution.


When looked up in the glossary, the adjective “creative” and even the noun “creativity” are listed as “forbidden words.” Therefore, in the following, these words will be referred to as “cr.”

Kantenöl/Cutting Oil

During the development of our objects, often a chair or a table, cooperating with safety officers is not always mandatory but often unavoidable. At least in Germany, the edge radius of a tabletop is checked by safety officers to help prevent injuries.

Essenz des Rizzenwassers
/Essence of Crack Water

How we came up with essence of crack water is no longer clearly traceable. Probably the idea developed over a long period of time until this multiple was added to the Funny Products portfolio.


hinking outside the box, playing out of bounds, or simply subverting a
game by adding a third party – the Y-Kicker is a fascinating way to play around with these ideas.

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