The Cloud Chamber is a real and fictional space, created by the artist collective Freeters, which serves in various ways as a source of inspiration, a community artwork, and a space for condensing and exploring different phenomena. Ideas on various themes are realized in an interdisciplinary way using different media and forms of expression, such as sculpture, painting, graphics, installation, photography, performance, and music. 


Freeters is interested in opening the space to further artists as a platform for contemporary, participative, and innovative approaches. Across projects, the Cloud Chamber acts as a tool, catalyst, and driving force in all areas, such as the Process Art Thinking Projects, the workshop offerings, and the Artistic Intelligence Projects. It serves as a pure research field and stage for scaled and boundless imagination, providing space to create a number of different Cloud Chamber formats in recent years

Eppur si muove!

Thomas Lassner

Even if some admonishers currently fear a loss of importance of the sciences in society since the degree of social delusion and irrationality is increasing with the trend of current crises, there is rather little reason to worry that science could lose its role as a yardstick for rationality and truth. The paradigm of modernity holds unbroken that only what can be measured first and calculated second is true.

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