Learning Lab

The Learning Lab is a space of possibilities, experimentation, irritation, play, and learning. It is a space for unusual workshops and tools. What kind of learning? Subtract all conventional experiences from what you associate with learning, and you have the Learning Lab. Change of perspective, interdisciplinarity, improvisational skills, creativity, and tolerance of ambiguity are key concepts in dealing with the time-defining factors of uncertainty and not-knowing. 


But how do we acquire all these future-relevant competencies? We are convinced that by providing space, time, and stimuli, uncertainty and not-knowing may not be eliminated but can be worked with. There are no recipes nor standardized formulas for this. We understand not-knowing as not-yet-knowing and provide workshop concepts and inspirational tools in the Learning Lab, making it possible to explore the potential within it. Thought-provoking methods drive the search for new solutions and the optimization of existing ones.

Artistic Intelligence

Sandra Freygarten

The artist collective Freeters makes things. At the end of a complex process there is a result, an artifact. A chair with an umbrella canopy. A sofa made from a former telephone booth. A perspective-distorting uncertainty as a workspace. A renaissance painting with Superman. A series of poetic stagings from cloud cuckoo land. A workplace series: rude, fairy-tale-like, strange, calamitous, touching, serious, thought-provoking, prompting tears and laughter, inviting people to work, but differently.

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