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With the studio and workshop on Lievelingsweg, a place has developed over the years that functions as the heart and the engine of the Freeters project and which has charisma beyond its spatial boundaries. Spanning 1,000 square meters, the complex in Bonn’s Nordstadt encompasses a broad concept of home. The premises offer a home base for workshops, color laboratories, material storage, studio space, and desk space. And ideas gather in the niches – in other words, the boundaries between artistic freedom, professional production processes, and idea workshops are sometimes fluid and create added value in a magical way through multiple, synergetic use in the sense of the collective idea.

Beyond its spatial organization, the space embraces a social dimension of home with various programs and regular events, such as the artist in residence program, the weekly pub night with band rehearsal, the annual exhibition, and the quarterly salon. Meeting rooms, seating areas, outdoor exhibition spaces, and the large pizza oven provide space for different  ways of being together. Spontaneous guests and friends, clients and other interested parties are equally welcome to come to the Magic Ground at any time for inspiration and coffee. 

In this way, the collective idea finds a natural home in an atmosphere of colorful spots, Monday colloquia, shared lunchtime cuisine, music, urban gardening, the familiar sounds of the workshop, and fruitful niche conversations.


For nine years, documentary filmmaker Aljoscha Pause accompanied former attorney Bernhard Zünkeler around the world documenting his departure from his old life in business law (a life in which he had to conduct dismissal interviews for the largest bank in the world), his uncompromising devotion to art, and a concept of a successful life that is all his own. Along the way he attempts to change the world with art and struggles against the art market establishment and outdated thought patterns.


The documentary series follows Bernhard Zünkeler as he builds his own art labs and artist collectives and establishes a global network of like-minded people, ranging from Cuban dissidents to gang members in South Central Los Angeles. The research around his thesis of art as a state of consciousness is also explored.

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Art Is a State of Mind is an inspiring road trip with a conceptual artist and jack-of-all-trades in search of his very subjective definition of success; an encounter with extraordinary international artists and art projects in Germany, Cuba, and the United States; and a consistent discourse on what art can and must be today. It approaches the question of how much radicalism and consciousness are necessary to sustain the happiness of an individual and to cope with the collective challenges of our time.

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