Signet Ring

Not everyone gets or has a signet ring, for it is a symbol of the elite and of power, in short, it sets the wearer apart from the common rabble. Basically it can be used as proof of authenticity and as a safety precaution. As an ornament on the finger, it serves an aesthetic purpose as well as a practical one. The signet ring by Freeters is made by a 3D printer, and it bears the inscription “OB DU,” which means “whether you” in English. More specifically, “OB DU” is just the beginning of a question that is not asked. 


Our work processes with each other or with clients are sometimes characterized by misinterpretations, misunderstandings, false assumptions, and, in rare cases, by obtuseness or even a lack of comprehension. The safety review process of our works does not always seem to make sense, and inquiries are sometimes not answered but are assertions to which we must be guided (even when it is a subjective assessment of a corner radius). Such a process does not always seem to be sensible and expedient. “OB DU” developed into the question of all questions, for people cannot be guided to a constructive discourse with good words and/or a patient ear. 


This has resulted in further puns that are unfortunately difficult to translate into English. However, the signet ring does not represent just a reactive desperation to label people who negate any constructive and process-oriented cooperation. Rather, anyone who has been subjugated by bureaucratic processes can wear such a signet ring. “OB DU / WHETHER YOU” is the question of all questions, a request for help, the beginning of cooperation. Everyone needs help with pressing questions. 

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