When looked up in the glossary, the adjective “creative” and even the noun “creativity” are listed as “forbidden words.” Therefore, in the following, these words will be referred to as “cr.”


What at first glance may seem contradictory for an artist collective is in essence correct and important. The term “cr.” has its origin in the Latin word “creare” which means to create, to generate, to choose. 

This kind of activity is for artists unconditionally necessary and expedient for making a living. Artists make things. Things, concepts, music, solutions, and the absurd. “Cr.” is, for example, nowadays demanded as a general solution approach in enterprises, as well as praised as an individual, desirable, and learnable ability. Whoever is a “cr.” is “cr.” Those who are not are left behind and without a future.


Besides, and here is where we find the origin of the ban, it is just a charming word that is mostly hot air. Like a spotlight, which directs the attention of the observer to the beam of light and distracts from the dark. It has degenerated into a shell of a word, used up in meaning and only a placeholder for vanity. 


Children who utter a forbidden word are often told to go wash their mouths out with soap. Assuming that our ban on the word has little chance of success, we have developed the “Cr.” Lollipop. A lollipop consisting of the best hard soap and high-quality hydrophilic pigments is sucked after the use of the forbidden word until the writing on the lollipop is no longer legible. 


The effect of this educational invention can be summarized as follows: Freeters no longer hears more than the syllable “cr.” in day-to-day discussions. 

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