Artistic Intelligence

Sandra Freygarten

The artist collective Freeters makes things. At the end of a complex process there is a result, an artifact. A chair with an umbrella canopy. A sofa made from a former telephone booth. A perspective-distorting uncertainty as a workspace. A renaissance painting with Superman. A series of poetic stagings from cloud cuckoo land. A workplace series: rude, fairy-tale-like, strange, calamitous, touching, serious, thought-provoking, prompting tears and laughter, inviting people to work, but differently.

Hello, we’re stuck. We need some AI!

Melusine Reimers

If you have Freeters do a workshop, a design, a consultation, or even if you just spend an afternoon with them on-site (at Magic Ground), you can be sure that you will lose your sense of certainty there. In the most positive sense, the approach of Freeters confuses and unsettles the original ideas or plans one has made.



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