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Melusine Reimers
former founder // project coordinator WORLDFACTORY Start-up Center

If you have Freeters do a workshop, a design, a consultation, or even if you just spend an afternoon with them on-site (at Magic Ground), you can be sure that you will lose your sense of certainty there. In the most positive sense, the approach of Freeters confuses and unsettles the original ideas or plans one has made. So if you are only looking for obedient interior designers, you will not be happy with Freeters. But if you are ready to be thrown back to your own workspace and convictions, to take them apart neatly, to confront yourself with relentless openness, and in the end to come out with incredible results—then Freeters are your first choice. Those who have a tendency to micromanage or even to be cautious should not focus on the creative process of Freeters in detail, but should instead let themselves be amazed by the results. Since Freeters are guided and inspired by the spaces, materials, and people they encounter in the process, “chaos” can break out from time to time. 

The art then lies in presenting a qualitatively enormously high-quality complete work at the end, whose origins remain visible and yet represents a transformation of the given circumstances. Perhaps it is only in the final result that you find out something about your own company, your day-to-day workspace, or yourself (in it?). Possibly one already has an inkling about these things, but only through being confronted with Artistic Intelligence can some insights emerge from beneath layers of assumptions. Each individual in Freeters is a kind of seismograph for the vibes and realities that float around in our spaces. The act of translating the invisible to the experiential takes place in the process of editing and confrontation mediated through various materials. 

I was fortunate to be able to directly experience Freeters’ space for a time. My largely remote team came together there and had a home that changed every time we closed the door. And even outside the door, objects appeared and disappeared, new ones grew or transformed into others. We could hardly have wished for a more stimulating and creative environment, and we could never have made it ourselves. “Outside the Box” was definitely yesterday, because the boundaries of our minds may well be temporarily transcended, but they still take hold in the end. If Freeters were with you, you might run in circles for a while afterwards, but you won’t find yourself safely back in your box.


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